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Many households are unable to leave home either because they are over 70 or in a group identified as vulnerable for health reasons. Equally, many of our community are temporarily self-isolating because a household member has contracted the COVID-19 virus or they themselves are displaying potential symptoms. These services are also available key-workers who need to minimise their contact with the general public to be able to continue their much needed work.


If you cannot get what you need delivered by a supermarket or a local shop, we can arrange for a volunteer to get you some essentials. Submit your request for aid and a volunteer will phone you back to get your shopping list and arrange method of payment before they shop and mutually agreed.

Our preferred method of payment is BACS transfer directly to the volunteer who has shopped for you. If this not possible or more complicated your volunteer will contact Clevedon Aid and we will be able to help and support the shopping process. We highly discourage use of cash as our volunteers can only accept exact reimbursement for the groceries. Cash also has a high risk of virus transmission. If cash must be used then residents must place exact amounts in a plastic bag for the volunteer to then quarantine for 72 hours.

Please never provide a card for a volunteer to pay with. Your volunteer will not accept them.

The volunteer will be delivered the groceries to your door. You will get a receipt, please pay for your groceries as soon as possible. 


Clevedon Aid can deliver prescribed medication and equipment where needed. If your medication is already delivered by a service that was in place prior to this crisis, please be assured that this will continue. 

We capture specific information needed for prescription collection, please either fill in the Prescription Collection Request form on our website or we will contact you for further information. We run our daily pick up to each of the four pharmacies supplying Clevedon: Rowlands, Well, Boots (Mon-Sat) and Tesco (Mon-Sun).

If your submission reaches us by 9am it will be fulfilled the same day. We do have the ability fulfil emergency requests any time of day. We also can manage repeats if you let us know how often. Any paid for prescriptions will be arranged with the resident for payment as per the grocery system.

This system is available for anyone isolating and is helping us minimise the queues and individual demand on our pharmacies. It also minimises the amount of people potentially exposed to the virus as our drivers collect en masse.  Please do consider using us if you need a prescription collected.


Our volunteers can provide dog-walking services and we will also help you as far as we can in getting veterinary assistance for your animals if that is necessary. If you need pet food delivered we can do this in the same manner as outlined with grocery shopping as above.


Our volunteers are able to post items for you at the Post Office or local letterbox. Please be aware that volunteers are restricted by the opening hours of the post offices. Again payment of items posted should be arranged in advance and mutually agreed.

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