We have many opportunities for volunteers working out in the community or working from home providing vital administrative and other support. Whatever your skills and experience, we will be able to find an appropriate place for you within our team. You may even find that you learn new things and make new friends. So that you feel supported and knowledgeable in your role as a Clevedon Aid volunteer, you’ll have access to our secure Volunteer Portal on our website.

You can join us as a volunteer by signing up below

We welcome under 18-year-old volunteers but we do need slightly different information so please use this form.

Every single member of Clevedon Aid, whether providing direct support to residents within the town or providing back-up support to enable the services to be provided, gives their time for nothing. We ask all of our residents to recognise this and to understand that many of the people involved also have busy lives, for example as parents of young children, carers, and full-time workers. We are all here to help at this difficult time but please remember that a volunteer may not be able to get back to you immediately.



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